Ashley Beels


Mavens! Welcome, I'm so happy you are here. I'm Ashley Beels, and I'm a Business Coach and Meraki™ Strategist guiding soulful entrepreneurs that have an unwavering ambition to share and showcase their unique gifts (magic), but struggle with a sense of direction and strategic implementation.

By guiding my client’s to infuse THEIR meraki with my business' understructure that encompasses mindset, creativity, and visibility, they are able to finally blow the damn lid off their business and monetize their meraki, and their magic.

I am a multi-passionalite who infuses that quality within my coaching business. Because at it’s essence, my job is to share my unique gifts & magic, and I believe that is why you are here too. But I did not always embrace the multi-passionate person that I am. I was once the over-learner, over-invester, and over-achiever left unfulfilled and pretty miserable. I'd love to share my story with you.


Unlike many entrepreneurs, my journey did not start off in an entrepreneurial way. My educational background started in the sciences, specifically, in dentistry. For me, doing it full-time turned out to be a crippling and suffocating career, with no where to unleash the creative within me. So before long, I was looking for more to feed the urge I had within me to learn about education. To explore this passion, I got my master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. From there, I went after more certifications than I can count... hoping to find my "niche" within the world of education and leadership. 

You see, I’m a recovering over-achiever, over-learner, and over-invester. I’ve dabbled and studied all kinds of things that set my soul on fire at the time, but didn't align with the direction I have now. 

I played the hustle-bustle game for multiple degrees, and drove myself nuts (& in debt) with an endless amount of credentials. I was living within the mindset that schooling=success. Learning and investing bookoo bucks in degrees and education was easy because 1) it’s what I knew how to do 2) it was a socially acceptable way to spend time, money and resources. 

Despite everyone telling me how "lucky" I was to have what I had, and to have accomplished what I had...

Eventually, my passion to push past the mundane day-to-day mediocracies had become stronger than my doubts and fears.

I was over dealing with the emotional consequences of staying small.

I knew I had to wake the fuck up, but I was still only capable of going “1/2 in”.

You see, at the time, I had all “the things” I was conditioned to "want":

1. “the” 6-figure job when I was 20 years old…

2. a master’s degree at 21 years old…

3.  my first home by 21.5 years old…

4. and “the” fiancé by 22 years old… 

And listen, I don’t say these things to toot my own horn. 

I’m telling you this to you to let you know if you feel like this too, you are not alone. 

And it’s okay to want more. It’s okay to feel that the to-do-list projected onto you was not worth the hustle. 

It’s okay that societies expectations and rules don’t actually feel like freedom. (i.e.; that fancy college degree, that idea of success= hard work)

(And for the record, chasing what you want is NEVER “stupid”. It’s bold and brave AF. And the world legit NEEDS your unique gifts + services). 

Turns out, when you stop striving for external things (degrees, jobs, money) you have a shit-load of time to sit with yourself with very few distractions and disassociations. And inevitably... you find your way.

When I did this, I began to realize I had long been ignoring my desires and wants. I ended up doing multiple personal development courses. Read dozens and dozens of self-help books. Spent an endless amount of money on retreats and travels. And dedicated a lot of time to the endless certification programs (again). I even joined a yoga teacher training program. Again, the over-learner and over-achiever rose up. But this time, I utilized my time and money differently. And this time, it actually felt like I was getting somewhere… 

Now, this does not mean the journey to self-discovery is always creme puffs, rainbows & unicorns...

I learned the hard way that self-help can turn into self-criticism/self-hate very quickly, and that not all yoga teacher trainings are about yoga, light, and love. I had far from the typical yoga teacher training. (In fact, my yoga teacher training was one of the most toxically-rejuvenating experiences of my life). I've been jaded and burnt by some "coaches" and "leaders". I've been manipulated and hurt. But nonetheless, my investment in MYSELF and EXPERIENCES have taught me far more than the $200,000 I spent on degrees to hang up on my walls. (Okay, truth, I've never hung up a degree). 


Trying new things outside of my comfort zone became second nature.

But for the life of me, I still could NOT get over leaving my 9-5. At this time, I had my full-time business (40+ hours a week), with a side job two-days-a-week cleaning people's teeth & gums. YUP, I was STILL using my first degree in dental hygiene. I subscribed to a fancy story that I had created, and I convinced myself I had to stay miserable at that job for "security".

Until one day, I found myself on my lunch break sitting on the kitchen floor crying my eyes out... not to mention, half dressed because I could not take another moment of my suffocating uniform against my skin.

I kept making statements to my husband of "never going back", but feeling way to scared and fearful to actually act on it.

So I looked up with my hands in prayer and said,

‘Please, God! You and I both know I am too chicken-shit to quit. You know I’ve been paralyzed in fear. If you could please just get me fired that would be great. AMEN”. 

& I shit you not:

3 hours and 48 minutes later, I was fired.

Without a single write up. Without an explanation. Without a two-weeks notice. Not to mention, two days before a medical leave for a surgery. Crazy, timing, right? Oh, & the craziest part was, my husband was let go just moments after me.

Despite what could feel like the most terrifying time of my life, I felt NO paralysis for the first time in years. I couldn’t help but smile at the sound of the words "I'm terminating your employment, effective immediately", because I felt so divinely supported. 

When sacred space was made for me to dive full-time back into my business, I felt a huge up-level happening in every cell of my body and every structure of my business.

Because... that anxiety I held inside for years (that paralyzed me from making the leap to leave my job and learn to let go of that set bi-weekly paycheck) was actually absent when I was terminated. 

Maybe you too, need that little push to build the business of your dreams, and blow the damn lid off the thing already!?

If that is you, let's connect more. I want to learn about YOU.

So feel free click below to learn more about my business coaching business, and how we could work together.