This session is done via phone or Zoom Meeting. 

Your Complimentary Discovery Call

Are you attracted to the idea of working with me? But want to get an idea of what that would look like?

Are you curious what your life & business would feel like if you allowed yourself support in more ways than you ever imagined?

Are you ready to rejuvenate your business and blow the damn lid off the thing? Then let's chat chica...

A Discovery Call is a complimentary introductory session where we:

1) Discuss the desires you have for you and your business.

2) Allow time for me to get to know you, and to learn where your business is at. This is also a good time for you to do the same. That way, we feel out the vibe of each other and see if we would make a good fit. 

3) Discover which of my services would best propel your heart-centered business forward.