The Dressed Up From The Waist Up Club

a *FREE* community hub for the soulful entrepreneur who is looking for more REAL connections in her life, a place to brainstorm and play with her creative magic, get badass constructive feedback, and is down to ground, meditate, and chill among other entrepreneurs from all over the world!


So what is The Dressed Up From The Waist Up Club all about?

We are all about sippin' and chattin', big belly laughs (sometimes followed by tears) & being listeners, communicators, and story-tellers.

We make time for REAL & RAW conversations & connections.

We are about MORE than networking, but community.
This club is a safe place to brainstorm and play with your creative ideas & get badass constructive feedback from members.

So, what all goes down in The Dressed Up From The Waist Up Club?

Each Wednesday of the month, we all meet on Zoom at 9:30 am PST and start our connection call with a 10 minute mediation, led by yours truly. The rest of our time together on the call rotates between the following intentions of the week.

Each of the following weeks intentions are centered around our pre-determined theme of the month.

The first Wednesday of the month, we create INTENTIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY groups for the month ongoing support in-between our weekly calls. This gives us all even MORE opportunity to build connections, get support, cultivate creativity, and expand in our businesses. 

The second Wednesday of the month, the call will be lead by our SPOTLIGHT member. Our spotlight member is someone who applied to lead the call to either showcase her unique gifts, or showcase a unique find or business/life hack that will help club members blow the damn lid off their life and business!

The third (and sometimes fourth) Wednesday day of the month, is for some casual girl time and conversation! So start boiling your tea, pour yourself a cup of coffee, or some sip on your kombucha as we catch up, share our wins, listen to each other's struggles, and offer support as we build serious connections!

The last Wednesday of the month, I host the CO-LAB™, a laboratory for collaboration, creative exploration, and constructive feedback.

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Free?! Why is the club free?

I live in a small town, where entrepreneurial groups are slim to none, and don't share the same intentions as me. Networking is cool, don't get me wrong, but establishing real relationships and having real conversations is more important to *me*. So I created a space online where not only could I get more of that, but I got to offer it to women all over the world!

I don't think masterminds, memberships, retreats, and VIP days are the ONLY ways to make real connections in our industries. And I think connection is a birthright. So, I made it free. And it works for me and feels good. I feel value from the group and a total equal energy exchange!

Does the group ever meet at another time? 9:30 am PST does not work for me!

For now, no. The group does not meet at any other times. We are however starting to record some of the meditations and guest speakers. But we do not record our personal conversations. What goes down in The DUFTWU Club, STAYS in the DUFTWU Club.

I have something I'd love to share on the call. Can I bring a business idea up on a call?

Abso-freakin-lutley! This is a safe place to run ideas and brainstorm with other entrepreneurs! If you have a gift you would like to share with the group (ie: a meditation you want to lead, a new NLP technique you'd like to share, a tarrot card reading, a book club idea) than you can apply here!


Janet Mohapi-Banks, Janet Mohapi-Banks Coaching


For me, Dressed Up From The Waist Up Club is my tribe.  I live in a remote part of the UK and I didn’t have anybody near by who actually “got me”, DUFTWU is full of people who I can actually talk to without feeling judgement and without feeling like I’m speaking a completely different language so even though I initially stumbled upon it accidentally, it was a much needed thing in my life.  Dressed up is all about a global community of likeminded people that support each other as best we can without any expectation.

I love the meditations on the weekly calls as it gives me a chance to down tools and be still for a while.  Although I meditate every day, having the collective energy adds something extra to my week.  I love being a part of seeing people and businesses grow and it always inspires me to continue reaching for my own goals.

If you are an entrepreneur that feels a bit isolated or lonely, as most of us do from time to time, you would definitely benefit from joining The Dressed Up From The Waist Up Club as, whether you realise it or not, you can’t do it all on your own.  You need the support of people - even if they’re far away - who understand you and the journey you are on.


Kristianne Rushton, Moms Happiness Blueprint


It's an online space for ambitious like minded woman who want to connect but also dive deep into topics and discussion. Some of it is light and funny.Other times it makes you really think. It's raw and real and so are the people.

I look forward to it every week. Ashley really cares and wants you to expand. Since joining the group the meditations and topics have really made me think and take more action in my group and start my Instagram as well. I have become much more confident and open.

Any one could benefit from this group really. It is for ambitious woman, maybe too ambitious sometimes, struggling or stuck and wanting to change their business and make a difference in peoples lives and in the world.No excuses. You will be moved to action or at least be left thinking how you can be better today.