A 1:1 Coaching Program  

where coaching, education, & support meet
to blow the damn lid off your business as you monetize your meraki, and your magic! 

Calling all highly-determined soulful entrepreneurs with an unwavering ambition to share and showcase their unique gifts, but struggle with a sense of direction and lack strategic implementation.

By guiding you to infuse YOUR meraki with my business' understructure that encompasses mindset, creativity, and visibility, you are one step closer to monetizing your services and finally blowing the damn lid off your business!


Calling all creatives; aspiring coaches, entrepreneurs, dreamers, artists, badass mama-preneurs, yoga-preneurs, influencers, & other highly-driven entrepreneurs...

girl, I see you!

You're wanting to get your business to the next level, but struggle with where to start or focus your attention.

Not to mention... 

Your email inbox and social media feeds are saturated with advise from your mentors who are not meeting you
with where you are at currently...

I know how it feels to be the over-learner and over-invester who is still feeling overwelmed and unheard.

So, are you READY to increase your impact and profits? Oh, and get support to do so? Awesome, because that's why I am here: To help you showcase your unique services, up-level your confidence, and make money doing so. 



Your "mindset" is simply the established set of attitudes and beliefs you hold. And 99% of the time, my clients have old stories, beliefs, and attitudes that hold them back from unleashing their true self and getting their goals met. These are old stories (generally created subconsciously in childhood) that are now, no longer serving them. These stories, attitudes, and beliefs, also keep them from doing the damn thing already in their business. For example, what good would your stand-out creative website & logo be, if you are within the mindset of "not being good enough and no one is going to buy from you"? Babe, your thoughts and attitudes become your reality. So by working with my clients on their mindset, they get to re-writing old beliefs that are no longer serving them AND finally step into their full potential with a new set of beliefs and attitudes that create sacred space for confidence, abundance, and opportunity.  


We all have one of these pillars that we are stronger in than others. Often, entrepreneurs are very strong in creativity. But sometimes, we have blocks. So by encouraging all my clients to tap into creativity often in ways their business *needs*, magic unfolds in their business with a huge collapse in the timeline. Also, what's the point of having that spot-on audience & that killer mindset if you can't get your creativity displayed the way your business needs?


Visibility is the part of business many entrepreneurs think they lack. Some believe if they just had X amount more of Instagram followers, selling out their offers would be cake. But here is the deal: visibility is not about numbers. So, by working with my client's through my "formula" for visibility (that stems from real connection and relationship building), my client's get to really experience what visibility FEELS like, and leverage more opportunities.



^ An Introductory 2-hour Deep Dive: This is a 2-hour introductory call where I get to know more about you and where you are at with the expansion of your heart-centered business. What do you desire next for your business? What goals can we set for the next five months to get you BIG results? How do you want to feel when you reach your goals? What current stories and beliefs are holding you back from expanding and up-leveling your business?This is the kind of clarity stuff we will dive deep into to allow room for your creativity to unfold. 

^ Fifteen 1-on-1 coaching calls: Your coaching program includes 3 weekly 1-hour coaching calls per month (a total of 15 calls). With each call, we have a set intention to address the action steps it will take you to untether you & blow the damn lid off your heart-centered business. Our focus always comes back to three pillars that encompass the understructure of my coaching practice; mindset, creativity, and visibility. 

^ Unlimited support in between sessions: Supporting you via my favorite client communication tools is a HUGE part of our work together. Believe it or not, this is where I'd say 75% of the magic unfolds! These systems allow me to support you in between sessions with text & audio messaging (via Voxer) and also with to-do's, resources, and document sharing (via Asana).

^ Unlimited access to The Portal: This is where all my online courses, mini-trainings, and training videos are stored. And you get unlimited lifetime access as one of my 1-on-1 clients! 

Program Goals 

^ Untether you from the fears that surrounds growing your business, so that you can step into your full-potential & be of high-service.

^ Ditch your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success.

^ Gain crystal clear clarity on your brand & business to attract your dreamiest clients 

^ Awaken your inner-confidence so you can feel more

^ Get in the vibe to be an energetic match for receiving and increase your income 

^ Cultivate a bold brand to help you stand out in your industry

 ^ Create 15-weeks of Content for your website & social media platforms 

^ Design your signature program/offering that attracts your dream clients

^ Create killer feel-good strategy for your sales calls and intensives to help you turn leads into clients

^ Uplevel your business and start feeling even MORE impactful

^ Learn how to outsource and stay within YOUR zone of genius

^ Make sacred space for even MORE support & feel into abundance in ways you have yet to experience


One task to hand off to my team to complete for you. Examples of this include having your content management, community management, branding over-haul, landing pages, email communication, Facebook Group set up, graphics, ect. 


Results my clients have achieved while working with me 1-on-1:

*Got her first PayPal notification for the sale of her first online bundle!

*Booked 11 discovery calls after her first 1:1 program launch (without a sales page or website) 

*Landed "Influencer" of the week with her FIRST published interview

* Had her first $12,000 dollar month after one launch of her group course!

*Planned out 15-weeks of automated content while she started to transition from her 9-5

*Got 72 people to engage with her one of her first posts in a Facebook Group! 

* Built a business that supported a schedule that fit her personal medical needs

*Moved out of her parents house and moved to France!

* Cut back to only two days at her corporate job as her business started supporting her financially 

*Booked her first TWO clients (on the same mf day!)

* Finally quit her 9-5 one month after working together for 2 months

And in my opinion, the biggest result my client's get while working me with is:

their ability to collapse timelines and shift energy!     


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