Intentional: A Breakthrough Strategy Session 

Need a breakthrough? Desiring some strategy? Craving some clarity?

Intentional is a 90- minute breakthrough session that addresses, you guessed it, an intention. An Intentional session is a powerful call designed to help you gain some insight on your biggest pain point in business right now. This may look like working on your mindset,
creating your Meraki™ Statement, working through a creativity block,
or even to map out some strategy. It all depends on your INTENTION. 

investment: $333

- your done with a stressful or negative thought/belief/story that is holding you back, and you are ready to flip the script on it.
- you are struggeling with creating your Meraki™ Statement and you want help
- seeking insight on how to brand more boldly so that you can stand out in a noisy marketplace and feel more confident! 
- craving clarity on what you do and your message to help bring in more clients and serve more people.
- develop some feel-good strategy around your next big launch!




I signed up for my Intentional Coaching Call with Ashley with the intention of creating a pricing page that was beautiful and fun to look at. I was feeling overwhelmed and confused before our session... I needed some clarity! Our session was efficient and informative. It felt like I got exactly what I needed help with. Ashley showed me ways to create a pricing page that was beautiful and understandable. After the session, I honestly felt so much better equipped to create my website the way I WANTED to. Our session left me feeling re-inspired, and I was ready to create my website MY way!-- Krissy Harb, Studio Owner and Teacher @ Spiritual Heart Yoga.