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Starts August 29th, 2018

A 6-Week Group Program Guiding You Through A Framework To
*Land Your First DREAM Clients* & *Blow The Damn Lid Off Your Business*!


Calling all creatives; aspiring coaches, entrepreneurs, dreamers, artists, badass mama-preneurs, yoga-preneurs, influencers, & other highly-driven entrepreneurs...

Lady, let's talk.

I know that this is the part in a program's page where I should start rambling on about how you are feeling RIGHT NOW.

Ya know, the "I know you are feeling unsupported, and confused as hell right now" stuff. Sound familiar?

However, I have this feeling that I don't need to remind you how you are feeling.

Because if you are reading this right now, *you know* how you are feeling.... and you are probably DONE feeling like that.

Instead, I just want you to know what's POSSIBLE for you within the spectrum of FEELINGS:
dynamic-freedom, support, soulful-consistency, authenticity, confidence, joy, intuitive, leadership, and grace.

And you NEED to know that those feelings are totally *available* and *attainable*...

In fact, you are probably only 1-3 action steps away from feeling those desired feelings and landing some of your first paying *DREAM* clients...

But only once you decide you are energetically available FOR them do they become *available* and *attainable* to you. 

And you know what that takes? Support. Grace. & Inspired action. 

So what if you got support for the next 6-weeks to help you monetize YOUR magic + meraki, and land your first paying DREAM client?

But first off... I do have some HARD NO'S for you while enrolled in this program:

NO more opting in for freebie after freebie flooding your email inbox.
NO more destructive comparison on social media.
NO more ignoring your intuition.
NO more trying to do "all-the-things" unsupported.

Instead, it's time to feel into the divine responsibility of sharing and showcasing your unique gifts and taking the inspired action to get there!


result-driven material:

Week 1:  Create Your Meraki™ Statement And Flip The Script On What's
Keeping You Tethered

Week 2: Desire-Driven Goal Setting For Creatives And Hot-Seat
1:1 Mindset Coaching 

Week 3: Master The Art Of Writing & Create 15-Weeks Of
Captivating Content  

Week 4: Design Your Signature Offer & Start Building Your
Client Pipeline

Week 5: How To Nail Your Sales Calls & Land Your
Dream Clients

Week 6: Business Automations That Make Your
Life Easy AF

Bonus Lesson's:

*The Truth About Visibility & How To Get Seen On & Offline

* How To Get Tasty Testimonials That Attract Ideal Clients

*How to Balance The Masculine and Feminine Energy In Your Business

Guest Expert's:

How to Handle Unsupportive People In Your Life & Get
Them On Board With Your Business
Allison and Elvin Perez: Relationship Experts

How to Use the Energy of Money to Infuse Your
Business with an Abundance Mindset
Ruthie Cease: Money Mindset Coach

program inclusions:

^ 6 weekly 90-minute group program calls with Q+A

^ Private FB Group for continuous support, tools, and resources

^ Recordings of each weeks call (just in case you can't make the call live)

^ 3 bonus trainings to support you with next-level unleveling of your business

^ Weekly Playwork to help you blow the damn lid off your business

^ 2 guest expert trainings on money mindset & relationships!
Allison and Elvin Perez: Relationship Experts
Ruthie Cease: Money Mindset Coach

This is a total of ELEVEN modules, unlimited support, and community.

And... can I be frank with you?

Bad news: No one is going to invest their time and money in your services and support... until YOU can invest YOUR time and money in support. Right?

Good news: I am making this group program a no-brainer-offer so that the scary investment part of this equation does not have to be a factor for you like it is with a 1:1 coaching program...

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