Ashley is an amazing communicator and guide.  Her bootcamps and coaching, using the foundation of the Desire Map, provides clarity, illumination and encouragement; so much so, that I became a licensed Desire Map facilitator myself!  I am SO glad that I participated in her online course... it was JUST what I needed.  Additionally, I love that I am able to revisit all the emails and private Facebook group for continued and ongoing inspiration.  Thank you Ashley!

---Jennifer Yockey, Recovery Advocate, Mentor, & Founder of Recover You™ 


I wanted to get my business online in a way that felt true, authentic, and fulfilling. But I wasn't really sure where to start past creating a website, blog, and social media pages. I had a specific vision for online courses and classes, and I knew I needed help bringing it to life virtually-- because the ins and outs of the techy stuff left me totally overwhelming. I had all these amazing ideas and content to create, but no clue how to make them available efficiently and effectively online. But then I found Ashley... She was AMAZING. She gave 100%, over-delivered, and always went above and beyond. She held nothing back and is always offering you anything and everything she can. She has so many amazing tools, tricks, and ideas when it comes to making your online business come to life. If you have a question, Ash has an answer. She also has a lot of experience. I love how she always sets you up for your future. For example, she's always offering suggestions such as, "This is a great program for *now*, but after some growth, it won't be. This will set you up better because..." I love this. I don't feel like she's just trying to help me launch now, she's helping me launch my future self too. In two years, I will feel just as prepared as I do now because Ash took the time to anticipate and educate on business growth not just business launch and that feels so good.

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After working with Ashley, I started to feel full, free, excited, and valued in my business. I love how she goes hands-on with you in her programs, and does the work WITH you, not just talk about "how".--- Kiley Schottenfeld with Kekoa Yoga

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Everyone of her suggestions and tools feel like game changers in taking your business to the next level. Ashley is truly amazing and when she works with you, she makes you feel like her only client.
— ---Kiley Schottenfeld


I signed up for my one time coaching workshop with Ashley with the intention of creating a pricing page that was beautiful and fun to look at. I was feeling overwhelmed and confused before our session... hence why I needed some clarity! Our session was efficient and informative. It felt like I got exactly what I needed help with. Ashley showed me ways to create a pricing page that was beautiful and understandable. After the session, I honestly felt so much better equipped to create my website the way I WANTED to. Our session left me feeling re-inspired, and I was ready to create my website MY way!-- Krissy Harb, Studio Owner and Teacher @ Spiritual Heart Yoga.

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