1:1 Coaching Untethered 

where coaching, education, & hands-on assistance meet
to get your business off the ground...

Calling all creatives; aspiring coaches, entrepreneurs, dreamers, artists, badass mama-preneurs, yoga-preneurs, influencers, & other highly-driven entrepreneurs...

You're wanting to get your business off the ground, but have no clear ideas of where to start or focus your attention.

You are feeling like you are just missin' that ONE thing. (But it's that bigggggg thing. Like the visibility and strategy piece). 

Not to mention... 

Your email inbox and social media feeds are saturated with advise from your mentors who are not meeting you with where you are at currently...

Their "how to sell out your program" email is totally USELESS when you have not even built your email list, opt-in, or even program! Right?!

I see you. I feel you. & I've been there.

I know how it feels to be the over-learner and over-invester who is still feeling overwelmed and unheard.

And I know how it feels to lack confidence that there are actual people out there what want and need your services.

I know how annoying all the tech shit can get...and it's frustrating when you have no idea how to operate it all.

I've seen one to many passionate ladies quit before even getting started because the tech side of things seem too complicated.

And if you don't know this already:

You have unique gifts. & I believe it's our divine responsibility to share them.

So, are you READY to build sexy feel-good foundations for your business?

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Untethered is a 3-month program to blow the damn lid off your business. 



^ An Introductory 1.5-hour Clarity Call: This is a 1-hour introductory call where I get to know more about you and where you are at with the creation of your heart-centered business. What do you desire for your business? What more do you want? What goals can we set for the next three months to get you BIG results? How do you want to feel when you reach your goals?
<--- this is what our Clarity Call is ALL about. When clarity is accessed, creativity unfolds.

^ Nine 1-on-1 coaching calls: Your coaching program includes 3 weekly 1-hour coaching calls per month (a total of 9 calls). With each call, we have a set intention to address the action steps it will take you to untether you & blow the damn lid off your heart-centered business. Our focus always comes back to three pillars that encompass the understructure of my coaching practice; mindset, creativity, and visibility. 

^ Unlimited support in between sessions: Supporting you via my favorite client communication tools is a HUGE part of our work together. This is where I'd say 75% of the magic unfolds. These systems allow me to support you in between sessions with text & audio messaging (via Voxer) and also with to-do's, resources, and document sharing (via Asana).

^ Unlimited access to The Portal: this is where all my online courses, mini-trainings, and training videos are stored. Unlimited lifetime access.


^$777 Voucher: To use towards Conscious Creations Website Design. This is an ideal bonus for those who want their website designed WHILE in this program. If you'd prefer to do your website yourself, you get my online course, Creating Your Heart-Centered Website included in your package.

Program Results 

^ Untether you from the fears that surrounds growing your business, so that you can step into your full-potential & be of high-service.

^ Ditch your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success.

^ Gain crystal clear clarity on your brand & business to attract your dreamiest clients 

^ Awaken your inner-confidence so you can feel more

^ Get in the vibe to be an energetic match for receiving and increase your income 

^ & After some soul coaching into our limiting beliefs, ditching those thoughts that are no longer serving you, and awakening your inner creative maven energy... Together, we will begin to build the business of your dreams by developing things such as the following examples: 

 ▼ A bold brand to help you stand out in your industry

 ▼ The set-up for your heart-centered website to attract ideal              customers, students, and clients 

 ▼ 13-weeks of Content for your website & social media platforms 

 ▼ Social media strategy that helps attract your ideal clients

 ▼ Your signature program/offering that attracts your dream clients

 ▼ A killer feel-good strategy for your sales calls and intensives to help you turn leads into clients 

 ▼ Automated Payment systems that make it easy for people to pay you

 ▼ & other various systems that will automate the shit out of your business (and all the other techy-goodies to make your business bask in dynamic-freedom)



what i want you to walk away with is...

Crystal clear clarity. A bold brand. The website of your dreams. Your signature offering/program or product.
And several signed clients to go along with you new-found confidence.

I want to show you all the things I have learned being a DIY Queen for years. I want you to save you from business burnout.
Because working your 9-5 and/or raising children... then creating magical stuff on the side? IS MF EXHAUSTING.

I want you to be able to walk away in 3-months feeling like you have an actual business, not just busy-ness.

I want you to be rollin' in the clients, selling your products & courses, and basking in dynamic-freedom with your heart-centered business. 


Please note that by selecting any of the below payment options, you are agreeing to Our Terms and Conditions.

Subscribe To A Payment Plan

6 bi-weekly payments of $600

 Pay In Full

a one-time payment of $3,333


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I wanted to get my business online in a way that felt true, authentic, and fulfilling. But I wasn't really sure where to start past creating a website, blog, and social media pages. I had a specific vision for online courses and classes, and I knew I needed help bringing it to life virtually-- because the ins and outs of the techy stuff left me totally overwhelmed. I had all these amazing ideas and content to create, but no clue how to make them available  online. But then I found Ashley... She is AMAZING. She over-delivered, and always went above and beyond. She held nothing back and is always offering you anything and everything she can. She has so many amazing tools, tricks, and ideas when it comes to making your online business come to life. If you have a question, Ash has an answer. She also has a lot of experience. I love how she always sets you up for your future. For example, she's always offering suggestions such as, "This is a great program for *now*, but after some growth, it won't be. This will set you up better because..." I love this. I don't feel like she's just trying to help me launch now, she's helping me launch my future self too. In two years, I will feel just as prepared as I do now because Ash took the time to anticipate and educate on business growth not just business launch and that feels so good. After working with Ashley, I started to feel full, free, excited, and valued in my business. I love how she goes hands-on with you in her programs, and does the work WITH you, not just talk about "how".

--- Kiley Schottenfeld with Kekoa Yoga