A 7- Week Digital Course on the Creative Journey to Building Your Own Website

▽ Is hiring someone for YOUR website just not sound like your thing?

 (but you feel intimidated at the same time by the thought of creating your own website without any help)

▽ Is handing over $2,000-4,000 to have someone else create your dream website just not in the budget?

 (or maybe you simply are a DIY kind of badass-boss-chick who wants to create her own shit?)

Then babe, this digital self-paced course
  sounds like the perfect fit for you!

▽ Soulstream to create your bold brand for your soul-centered biz

▽ Get crystal clear on who you want to work with, and how you can help your dream-client

▽ Get our soul on the agenda, and learn how to cultivate a life and business that feels good

▽ Learn how to automate our conscious creation so that our business can bask in dynamic-freedom

▽ Learn how to talk to your ideal client and attract them to your heart-centered website where you can showcase your unique gifts, products, and services with the world. Because it's our divine responsibility to share & serve

▽ Let's use and empower your creative fire and design the website of your dreams as I guide you step-by-step through signing up for a website, buying a domain name, and all the fun ins and outs of the design process


Course Starts 08/11/18

Conscious Creations: Building Your Heart-Centered Website, is a digital 7-week course guiding you on the journey to build the website of your dreams. Each week on Tuesdays,  you will get a special link to a new module inside my Meraki Maven Coaching Portal, where you will find coaching instruction on how to build + design your website. The Meraki Maven Coaching Portal is filled with other goodies too... workbooks, tips+tricks, bonus videos, and weekly heart-centered meditations to keep your soul on the agenda when building your site and developing your brand. One thing that I believe makes this course unique (and super user-friendly,) is that I have broken down 6 hours of video into 26 smaller videos organized by topic. This way, you do not have to sit through 6 hours of video to find the topic you want.

If you want to take longer than 7 weeks, no problem! Life happens. & sometimes, shit happens... and you will not get as much done in a module as you anticipated. Don't worry, because You have LIFETIME access to this content. It's yours, forever. (And each quarter when new bonus videos get added, you are still in! Lifetime perks baby!) But if you like structure and direction (like me), then just follow my pace in this 7-week digital course.

modules launch on 8/11/18

Bold Branding

Every business needs a solid brand. But shit, "branding" has become such a dirty word hasn't it? So in week one, we will start by exploring what a "brand" really is, and possibly drop a few beliefs along the way. In Conscious Creation: Building a Heart-Centered Website, we will take a soul-streamed approach to branding. This means creating a brand that authentically reflects you & your business. At it's core, a "brand" is really an extension of yourself. And for me, it's also an extension of my core desired feelings. Oh, & if you're a coach, teacher, performer, designer, or artist...that brand, is YOU 100% of the time. In module 1, we will learn how to get crystal clear on our intent, our mission, and our wants for our business to brand boldly and authentically. We will discover who are dream-clients are, create our own Meraki™ Statement, explore what fonts + colors fit our brand best, and create a font/color palate for our website. But remember, a brand is more than just esthetics! So in week one, we will also brainstorm ideas for content, verbiage, and quotes that reflect our authentic & bold brand.

Lay of The Land

In Module #2, I will be guiding you through how to build your website. BIG TOPIC, I know. But don't you worry, I have broken it up into easy steps you can follow along with. This is NOT the kind of course where you will have a long 4 hour video to follow along with. Our coaching portal has training videos broken down by topic so you can take what you need, and leave what you do not need. I will be showing you how to build your self-made badass website on Squarespace. AH, Squarespace <3. If you are not familiar with it, let me save you the hassle. Four words: Squarespace is the shit. And it will save you tons of time and $$$. It's the saving grace of self-made websites. They charge about 100 bucks a year to host your website, and it is by far the most crisp and sexy website builder ever. So in week two, I will give you the 'Lay of The Land' in how to use this platform... from how to sign up for Squarespace, to choosing a template, creating the bones of your website, and how to personalize the heck out of your design.

Content Creation

We will start the week out with a Facebook Live Coaching Session for you to bring your questions and road blocks to the forum. After our time together on Facebook Live, I'll share with you my Content Creation Workbook: a PDF to creatively brainstorm the content for your website. By mid-week three, you will have the tools you need to start creating the content & copy for your website.

Conscious Customizations

Week four is all about putting the puzzle pieces together... connecting your websites bones to your brand and to your content. We will also be going into more detail about the customization process to your conscious creation. At this point with your site, you will see what you love, and what you do not love. I'll share some secrets & tips + tricks about alternative formatting and customization (fonts, colors, and much more) to help you develop the website of your dreams and that aligns with your brand and your core desires.

Gorgeous Graphics

Confession: Most of my fonts and headers on my website are not done with Squarespace, they are done by creating graphics. See above where it says "Week Five" ? That is not done within my website. It is done by creating an image in a graphic design program. Learning to create gorgeous graphics is what will set your website apart and make it pretty! Oh, & you get this program, for FREE. In week five, I will teach you the tips + tricks to creating personalized graphics that will add that extra pop to your website, streamline your look, & help solidify your brand + vibe. I will show you what other programs are available to create gorgeous graphics too to add even more variety to your website. I will teach you how to import these graphics into Squarespace, which is going to add dimension and that professional look to to your website.

Reruns & Rest

Week six is Implementation week! At this point in the course, we have had to take in A TON of valuable information. Now, it's time to make space for the inevitable arrival of what we want: a heart-centered website! This is the week to play around with your website to implement the information you already have been taught. So watch any reruns of videos you need. And please, remember to rest and take care of yourself, this is a heart-centered creation! I will be posting to our Facebook each day with extra tips with the intent to help you streamline your brand and add more personality to your website. Week six is all about getting your questions answered, so we will pop on over to our Facebook group for more live coaching sessions to address your questions + share tips.

Launch + Learn

By now, we have our whole website up and running. In less than seven weeks, we did it! Fuck. Ya.

Okay! So now what, right?! It's time to launch + learn. In week seven, we create a plan of how we will launch our website and to who we will launch it to. We will be learning about social media platforms, search engine optimization, how to maintain our website, and how to check our analytics on Squarespace to learn more about our ideal clients.

So it's my RESPONSIBILITY to share this information with my girls, and like NOW!
So that YOU can offer YOUR unique bad ass services & art!

Because the world needs you...it needs your unique gifts

6+ Hours of video on how to make your conscious creation
✧ A $100 dollar voucher to use on any other Meraki Maven Coaching Program
3 Live Coaching sessions during our course for guided instruction
1 Group-Coaching Call after our course to follow up on our creation
4 BONUS TRAININGS ($444 value) that will help propel your biz forward  
✧ Access to a small private Facebook Group with other mavens


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when does the course start?:

Module 1 releases on 8/11/18. And each Tuesday for 7-weeks, you will receive new modules.

what if I want to spread the course out? do I have to complete it in 7-weeks?:

If you want to take longer than 7 weeks, no problem! Life happens. & sometimes, shit happens and you will not get as much done in a module as you anticipated. Don't worry, because You have LIFETIME access to this content. It's yours, forever. But if you like structure and direction (like me), then just follow my pace in this 7-week digital course.

when are our Live coaching sessions?:

During our course, we will have live coaching sessions in week 3 and week 6 via. After our course, some of us will realize we are website creating naturals, and continue to further or edit our conscious creations. This is a natural part of the creative process... to launch, delete, and learn. So a few weeks after our course, we will have a live coaching session to follow up with where we are at and to address any further questions or ideas. I also like to spontaneously go on Facebook Live to our group where I can do some coaching too!

how long will I have access to this content?:

Lifetime access babe! & each time this course re-opens, I will be adding new bonus content, which you will also have access to!

what if I am not a coach, is this course for me?:

Of course! This world needs your unique gifts. It needs your services, your art, your talents. It NEEDS more soulful entrepreneurs. so this course is for all of them (plus the aspiring entrepreneurs). coaches, yoga teachers, stylists, public-figures, mama-preneurs, jewelry makers, aspiring entrepreneurs, artists...the list goes on. I've had authors, owners of non-profits, and even agriculture babes in the course!

what if I am not computer savy?:

Then you are not alone! This is why I will be walking you through every. single. step. you do need basic computer skills: copying and pasting, saving images... that kind of simple stuff.

what if i find out this course is not for me? are there course refunds?

I'm sorry babe, there are no refunds at any time due to the nature of my work. Read more at the footer of this page for my Terms & Conditions.

what if i don't want to host my website via Squarespace? Is this still for me?

Of course! Although I am giving all direction from Squarespace in our 7-week course, all of it (with the exception of module #2) will be applicable to your website, regardless of the platform used.