Ashley Beels


Mavens! Welcome, I'm so happy you are here. I'm Ashley Beels, and I'm a Business Coach and Meraki Strategist guiding soulful entrepreneurs that have an unwavering ambition to share and showcase their unique gifts (magic), but struggle with a sense of direction and strategic implementation.

By guiding my client’s to infuse THEIR meraki with my business' understructure that encompasses mindset, creativity, and visibility, they are able to finally blow the damn lid off their business and monetize their meraki, and their magic.

Oh, and you may be thinking... what in the world is a Meraki™ Strategist?! Meraki is a Greek word derived from “Merak”, meaning a labor of love. Meraki is the soul, creativity, or love put into something. It is the essence of yourself that is put into your work & creations. 

So as a Meraki™ Strategist, I guide + support you to bring the feeling of meraki into everything you do. And having your #1 strategy in business be to "feel meraki" is how you will create an authentic business that feels like an extension of yourself. 

My core desired feelings are like my navigation system for daily life and my business. My core desires are; Dynamic-Freedom, Meraki, and Connection.

And why am I telling you my core desired feelings? Because they are infused in everything I create, and everything I teach. I’m always thinking about how I can leave a piece of my soul (meraki) in everything I create. Every time I’m making a decision on how to deliver my content, I’m thinking about freedom for my audience. When I create trainings in my Facebook Group, I’m thinking about connection for my audience. You get it?

In short: I help you, helps others, by showing you how to show up, showcase, share, and successfully sell your goods + services.  I coach my clients to drop their limiting beliefs, build a business beyond their wildest desires, create the website of their dreams, and show them how to make all the tech shit easy + automated. I love to do this because:

1. I believe we have a divine responsibility to share our unique gifts with the world, and I want to use mine, to help YOU show YOURS off.

2. Because online automation = more ease and freedom into your life + biz.

3. I know first hand the dynamic-freedom & fun having my own business has brought my life, and I want you to have that too.

4. I have a unique ability to infuse feel-good spiritual strategy with the technical savvy systems.

5. & honestly, because:I know their are limited resources out there for the newbie entrepreneur, and it can feel overwhelming AF reading your mentors advise + tips when it does not apply to where you are at TODAY.

gold long ways.png

if you're here still..

You are probably:

The over-learner. The over-achiever. The overwhelmed. The tired.

Tired of hearing all the fear based tag-lines in the business-building industry. 

Tired of the over-night success stories & promises to “make 40k in the next 12 days!”

Even your mentors advise is feeling irrelevant.

And not because it’s not fantastic advise... because it is fantastic advise, and they are KILLIN’ IT, right?!

But it’s feeling irrelevant because she is NOT talking to YOU.

Her advise, her systems, her pathway to success… are not meeting you where you are at. 

my point is: 

Most of the time, the biggest names in our industry can do a lot of our mindset when we are first starting out.

Their confidence triggers us, but inspires the hell out of us.

But they can’t always help you with the strategy, visibility, and creativity with where YOU are at NOW.


So, who in the world is talking to YOU, right!? 

Well, me. You are my people. I’m talking to you. Because I've been where you are..

my approach 

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 6.29.24 PM.png

Whether you are taking your hot mess of a hobby to a feel-good hustle of a business...

Or have an existing business, but feeling stuck as hell...

I want to help you blow the damn lid off your business by working your mindset, creativity, and visibility.

What's the point of a killer confident mindset in yourself and business, if you have no means of visibility to showcase your unique gifts?

What's the point of your stand-out creative website & logo, if you are within the mindset of "not being good enough"?

What's the point of a spot-on audience if you can't get your creativity displayed the way your business needs?

See how all 3 are needed to feel success in your business?